About us

Who We Are

Kitten Deliveries LLC is a team of pet consultants with multiyear expirience in delivering kittens to the US clients. With a strong focus on finding the perfect healthy kitten that will become a cherished companion for years to come, we take pride in our expertise in helping you find and get a perfect kitten.   Our team works tirelessly to connect our clients with reliable breeders and importers who share our commitment to upholding high breeding standards and prioritizing the well-being of their kittens.

We understand that choosing a purebred kitten is a significant decision, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.  Our extensive experience allows us to provide personalized assistance tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Whether you are looking for a specific breed or have specific requirements in terms of temperament or characteristics, we will work closely with you to find the ideal match.

State of Virginia Registration Certificate o Kitten Deliveries LLC

To ensure the health and welfare of our kittens, we have established strong relationships with reputable breeders in the United States and Europe.

These breeders adhere to stringent breeding standards, focusing on responsible practices that prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of their cats. By partnering with these trusted breeders, we can confidently offer healthy kittens with a strong genetic background and the best potential for a happy and fulfilling life.Join our growing community of satisfied clients who have found their perfect purebred kittens through our services. Let us assist you in finding the ideal feline companion that matches your lifestyle, preferences, and family dynamics. Experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from welcoming a healthy, well-bred kitten into your home. Contact us today and let us embark on this exciting journey together.